¿How do I purchase one of your products? 

You can purchase any product through our website: www.crowprops.com.
You can choose from any product you find available, adding any item you want to your cart, and checking out once you’re finished. You don’t need to create any kind of account to use our website, as we try to keep our system quick and your privacy safe.
Purchases can be made on our website at any time of the day all year long.
Our sales team will reply to any emails Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm (UTC-5).

 ¿What payment methods can I use?

 As of right now, our website works with PayPal. If you’d prefer another payment method, contact us personally.

 ¿What happens with my order after I pay? 

Once payment has been confirmed, you’ll receive an email (not automatic) from our official sales inbox, [email protected], to the mail account you’ve associated to your PayPal, asking for the measurements needed for your order. Please, remember to check your Spam folder.

 ¿What’s that about my measurements?

We’ll ask for your measurements to your email address after the payment has been confirmed. Like with any tailored clothing product, half of our success relies on precise measurements, so we will be sending very specific instructions for you to follow.
We also recommend having a helping hand when taking these measurements and any solicited pictures, if possible from a tailor, seamstress or someone with clothing knowledge.
The other half of our success depends on Crowprops, our artisans and the level of excellence required of them plus the top quality materials we bring for the work.

¿How quickly will my order be delivered?

All our products are tailored specifically for each client, which guarantees the highest quality for their experience while also requiring a specific, unique design process. Each category then has their own ETA:
For Booties, Short Boots, Long Boots, Gloves, Balaclavas and Pauldrons. ETA is 5-7 weeks at tops for the developing process (since we receive your measurements), plus 1 extra week for shipping.
For Capes, Ponchos, Suits, Belts (depending on model), Neck Seals and Pouches. ETA is 2-3 months at tops for the developing process, plus 1 extra week for shipping.

 ¿Can I cancel my purchase?

If your payment hasn’t been processed yet, we’ll refund you the total amount during the following 10 labor days after our sales team has been notified of your cancellation. However, if your order is already in “processing” or at least 6 months have passed since the purchase, we won’t be able to refund you. For that, we encourage you to communicate swiftly through an email to [email protected], specifying your desire to cancel the order and attaching the PayPal address you used to make the purchase.

 ¿What happens if my order arrives in poor/damaged condition? 

Once your delivery has arrived to your address, you have a week to communicate with us at [email protected] any wrongdoings, mistakes or quality issues you might find with your products. After receiving your email, our sales team will ask for specific information and pictures that will help you solve any issue.
If by any chance your delivery was supposed to arrive but never made it to your address, first contact the delivery company directly, they notified you that it would take your package at your door and also write to us too.
For other questions and inquiries, contact us at [email protected].


We’re a small, artisan-driven workshop, full with passion for our craft and the many universes we cover. We work with various materials such as leather, vegan leather, latex, cotton clothing and others.
Our suppliers are notable craftsmen from our city, and they provide us with the best quality materials for all our products.
We have many products approved in the 501st Legion, the Rebel Legion and MMC’s CRLs.
If you need us to appraise a specific product or design, you can contact us at [email protected].

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