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Boba Fett Full Soft Parts Kit (from Book of Boba Fett)


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Price includes 11 marvelous and well done items:

1) VEST with collar neck and jetpack straps
2) SHIRT with chest breathable fabric, leather, Velcro y straps for gauntlets.
3) PANTS with accurate ribbed tights, velcroed knees and wands for armor knees, elastic fabric for comfort.
4) KAMA hand made by aborigen artisans
5) GLOVES with two colors leather, full details.
6) RUBBER HAND PLATES made in Real injected rubber, accurate
7) BOOTS Merrels replica Genuine leather up to 48eu
8) GAITERS made in genuine leather, accurate detail in the mouth (same pattern as the "rope" belt.
9) RUBBER ARMOR TOES made in real injected rubber, accurate (FREE)
10) BELT made in genuine marbled leather, accurate "rope" patterned, resine buckle, resine casts brass painted shells, magnetic buckles covered with real brass in the back. (You can order without metals to use JJ industries kit that you can buy here:
11) HOLSTER made in genuine leather ready to add the Boba blaster

- We made every detail as showed in the HR pics
- Design made based in screencaps and trusted sources

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